Epcor Collective Agreement

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EPCOR is a Canadian-based utility company that operates in several provinces, providing services such as water and wastewater treatment, electricity generation and distribution, and natural gas distribution. EPCOR workers are represented by unions who negotiate collective agreements with the company on behalf of their members.

One important aspect of the EPCOR collective agreement is wages and benefits. The agreement outlines the pay scale for different job categories, including annual increases and any bonuses or incentives that may be offered. Benefits such as health insurance, pension plans, and vacation allowances are also specified in the agreement.

Another key area of the EPCOR collective agreement is job security. Unions often negotiate provisions that protect workers from layoffs and give them the right to return to their positions if they are laid off due to circumstances beyond their control. The agreement may also address issues such as workplace safety, training and development opportunities, and grievance procedures.

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